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R.E. Gouker Garage Doors of Uniontown, PA offers customers more than five decades of service and knowledge. Our technicians guarantee to provide you the finest quality workmanship. Whether you need a new garage door or repair on your garage door opener, we can help. Contact us today at (724) 438-4554 to schedule service on any residential or commercial garage door.

Over 60 Years of Dedicated, Gouker Family Service in Uniontown, PA

The Gouker name has been recognized across the area for many years as representing quality service and excellent products. The Gouker building, at 29 Stewart Avenue in Uniontown, has been the place to find that quality service. That is when John W. Gouker moved his radiator and car repair shop to Stewart Avenue in the early 1950s. The businesses that have evolved at that location since have grown and thrived through three generations of the Gouker family.

John W. Gouker passed away from cancer in 1967. His son, Ronald E. Gouker, Sr., took over the radiator and car repair business and began selling cars. Ron, skilled at car repair, became interested in doing electrical work. He became a member of the IBEW in the late 1960s. He met a man named Bob Lowe while working there.

History and Origins of Gouker Garage Doors

Bob had just returned to this area from California, where he was trying to start a business selling garage doors. Ron and Bob quickly became friends. The two decided to open a garage door business at Stewart Avenue in 1970. Ron already had the building at 29 Stewart Avenue and the mechanical skills that he had learned from his father. Bob brought the knowledge of installation and service of garage doors.

The two men sold, installed, and serviced garage doors from that time on. The business became well known in the area as “the” place to purchase quality doors and operators, and expert service. They called their business, R.H. Lowe Garage Doors, and the business grew. In 1978, Rob Lowe decided to pursue other interests and Ron Gouker bought out his interest in the company. From that time on, the garage door business in Uniontown became known as R.E. Gouker Garage Doors.

The Largest Garage Door Sales & Service Company in the Uniontown Area

The business, still operating at 29 Stewart Avenue, has grown to be the largest of its kind in the area. This is because Ron Gouker believed in only selling top quality garage doors and providing fast, efficient, and quality service. R.E. Gouker Co. works throughout the tri-state area installing and servicing both commercial and residential doors and operators.

Ron Gouker, Sr. lived for his business and loved what he did. In 2008, Ron was diagnosed with renal cancer. After a long, courageous battle with the disease, he died in 2014. Fortunately, his son, Ronald E. Gouker, II, a chiropractor in Uniontown, could operate the business during his father’s illness. Ronald II has taken over the operation of the garage door business. He continues to provide the products and services that fulfill the expectations of the people in this area.

Gouker Family Philosophy of Providing Top Quality Doors & Service

Ronald continues his father’s philosophy of providing top quality doors along with fast, efficient service. Since Ron II has taken over the operations of the business, it has expanded with new equipment and expert service.

The Gouker family businesses have served this area since the 1950s from 29 Stewart Avenue in Uniontown, through three generations. The Gouker family has full intentions of being in the area for many years to come. It knows the community relies on R.E. Gouker Garage Doors of Uniontown, PA.